Stroke Rehabilitation

We understand that getting back to life post-stroke can be challenging.

Every stroke is different and every recovery is different. That is why we approach post-stroke recovery with a personalized plan, unique to each patient. Although it may be a challenge now to participate in everyday activities, things will get easier as you start to regain function and increase independence.

What is this Program?

Work one-to-one with your therapist directly in the areas of functional loss. We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy solutions so you work with a specialist for your specific impairments. Through targeting the areas you need the most improvement you can expect to get on the road to independence, faster.

Who is it For?

Anyone who is post-stroke and is experiencing challenges due to functional loss. For those that have physical, occupational or speech obstacles caused by suffering a stroke that wants to increase their level of function and mobility. We also offer support and resources for caregivers and family members. Being apart of therapy helps motivate and encourage your loved one through this process.

How Long Before I Start to see Improvement?

Depending on the complexity of your condition, improvements can be noticed within [6 sessions]. We make it easy to stick with the personalized program and ensure it will help to target the areas that need the most improvement. We also offer resources on what to do on your own at-home to help speed recovery.

How Do I Get Started?

If you or someone you love can benefit from this program, give us a call (504) 603-6044 or contact us via email today to learn how to get started. View our pricing and accepted insurance here.